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MIRACLE ingredient to cure a skin Burn instantly.



One of the most common household injuries is burn. There are different types of burns depending upon their source.



They are caused by hot source like steam, fire, hot liquids and hot objects. Burns caused by hot liquids and hot gases are called Scalds.






These are caused by cold source like ice, snow, cold wrap, ice gel pack or severe cold weather. The most common cold weather injury is called Frostbite. These burns can be as serious as a burn from heat.








They are caused when skin comes in contact with any electrical source or lightning. They are very dangerous and are mostly fatal.






        They are caused by any type of chemical source that includes industrial or household chemicals in the form of liquids, solids or gases.








These burns are caused by sun rays, radiation therapies , sunlamps,  X rays and tanning booths. Burns                      caused by prolong exposure in sun are called sunburns.






Burns are categorized as First degree burns, Second degree burns, Third degree burns and fourth degree burns depending upon how many skin layers and tissues have been burned. First and Second degree burns can be treated by home remedies and counter medication can be done to soothe the burning sensation and relief from pain caused by these type of burns. Whereas Third degree and Fourth degree burns requires long healing time and proper medical consultation. Fourth degree burns usually require surgery. Without surgery they heal with severe medical issues. Never attempt to self treat Fourth degree burns. Immediately seek nearby medical consultation center. Meanwhile raise the injury above heart level and make sure no clothing is stuck to burn.







  • MILK 

One of the most effective and instant relief from burns is done by milk. Milk contains lactic acid which is an excellent source of burn soother. No matter what type of burn you are having, simply soak the affected surface in a milk container for several minutes. Similarly if you are having a very spicy meal and your tongue catches chili burn that causes burning sensation on tongue, then take few sips of milk and try to hold them in your mouth for few minutes, you will soon get relief. Instead you can also eat milk derivative like yogurt. Researches  have proved that milk is the most beneficent for any kind of burn. Its use will never leave burn scars on skin and promotes healing.






Other home remedies include running cold water over the affected area. This method will only soothe the burning sensation but it will not help to get relief from pain.







Raw potato can also be used in getting relief from minor burns. Simply cut the slice of a raw potato and gently massage over the burned surface. Repeat if desired. Juice of raw potato will soothe the burning sensation.







Flour is the basic kitchen ingredient. Always keep a small bag of flour in fridge. cooled flour can be instantly used to cure burns. Simply sprinkle cold flour over the burned area. It will calm down the burning immediately.










It is a very soothing and calm agent used to neutralize the ph of any type of skin. Apply aloe vera gel directly from freshly cut aloe vera on skin burn. You can also use aloe vera gel lotions. It will be best to get the gel directly from aloe vera leaf.









Apply a layer of mint toothpaste directly over the injured surface. The cooling effect of tooth paste will soothe the burning sensation.








Vinegar can also be used to relief pain of burns. Both vinegar and apple cider vinegar have anti septic and astrigent properties that prevent infection and promote healing. Always dilute vinegar before its application otherwise it will cause irritation.








Onion juice has sulfur compounds and quercetin that can relieving pain and reduce blistering. It also promotes healing process. Chop the onion and strain its juice. Apply onion juice directly over the burned area.








It has painkilling and anti septic properties. It also reduces risks of scarring from burns. It is important to be noted that lavender essential oil must not be used directly over the burned surface. Always dilute lavender essential oil before its application. Mix five drops of lavender essential oil in one cup of water and apply. You can also mix few drops of lavender essential oil with  two teaspoons of honey  and apply few times a day.








Honey has antiseptic properties. It effectively disinfects wounds and promotes healing and painkilling. Its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties reduce the risks of scarring. Spread honey on gauze bandage and apply on affected area. Replace bandage thrice a day.








If someone got an ice burn or cold burn follow the instructions below:

Dispatch skin from ice surface and bring the injured area to room temperature by soaking in warm water. Do not use hot water. Soak for twenty minutes and repeat soaking in equal intervals of time. Rewarming should occur gradually. Blisters are a sign of second degree burns. If blisters are formed drain them and make them dry. You can have a medical professional drainage to avoid infection. Now apply antibiotic ointment or vaseline to keep blistered area from sticking to dressing. Then apply a non stick gauze bandage. The wound should remain dry and clean. Change the dressing frequently. For more severe burns oral antibiotics may be necessary to avoid infection and faster healing. It takes longer time for an ice burn to heal. The best way to avoid ice burn is to wrap the ice pack into a cloth or towel then apply to the skin. Never apply ice pack directly to the skin.








If pain persists after the burned injury then you can take painkiller medicines like paracetamol, ibuprofen, tylenol. Not more than single dose will be required for minor burns. However if the injury is of third degree or fourth degree then immediately seek medical consultation.









Icing a burned wound is highly not recommended. Ice will soothe the burning sensation for the time being. Later it will frost the damaged tissues resulting in severe pain and causes frostbites over the injured surface. it hinders the healing process and forms painful rough blisters over the damaged skin.









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