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Irene Bedard Discusses Her Role as a Native Madame President in Jay-Z Family Feud Video


Hip Hop artist Jay-Z and director Ava DuVernay have recently launched the video Family Feud based on a futuristic United States that has embraced matriarchy. The video comes off of Jay-Z’s 4:forty four album and includes a long listing of splendid actors and artists including Beyonce’, Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, Jessica Chastain, Omari Hardwick and Irene Bedard. Bedard portrays a Native American lady as co-President in 2444.

The video, that’s now available for viewing on TIDAL, has acquired giant acclaim on social media and critics are lauding DuVernay for the inclusion of all races and the idea of a ‘founding moms’ in a proposed United States future. In an interview with Irene Bedard, who has currently been concerned with such initiatives as The Bygone a film about MMIW and Westworld, Bedard mentioned what it was want to painting a president of the future and her experience running along other high-caliber artists inside the film and tune industry.


How did it experience to be co-Madame President in Family Feud? It felt in reality outstanding! I become out at Standing Rock as a special seek advice from for the International Cities of Peace. We were there to ask permission from the elders concerning a peace treaty. In the midst of all of this in Standing Rock, in which reception is terrible, I were given a name from my agent asking if I will be prepared in 3 days to do a video undertaking in New York. I got on a plane no longer knowing what I changed into doing except it became an untitled Ava DuVernay project. I love her and I knew anything she turned into doing, it might be great. I went with whole faith.

What changed into your enjoy with the director Ava DuVernay? I first met her when I was in the trailer and he or she walked in to say hello. She is just a force of nature. Her writing is so clever and this was her idea. It appeared to me that Jay-Z possibly simply said ‘cross Ava.’ She looked at me and said, ‘So, you’re the President of the US in the yr 2444.’ I turned into like, ‘What?’ (laughs.) She said, ‘You are in reality the co-President due to the fact right now we’ve realized over the generations that we need to have greater stability between the female and masculine.’

I thought, ‘Wow, she is so wonderful.’ I then located my scene become with Jessica (Chastain) and Omari (Hardwick.)
I wasn’t positive if Jessica could don’t forget me from Tree of Life but it became exceptional whilst she got here as much as me and said ‘Irene!’ But as far as working with that quality I changed into like, ‘Yes, allow’s do this!’ Of course this become going to accomplished proper with a director like Ava, but then to have Beyoncé and Jay-Z? I were given to tell my son about this, He turned into like, ‘what?’ (laughs.) This task gave me some teenager cool factors. (laughs.)

What is the significance of the matrilineal concept shown via the ‘Founding Mother’s’ featured inside the ‘Family Feud’ video? Just as Walt Pourier discusses in terms of the Stronghold Society, most of our indigenous societies are matrilineal in nature. He considers this to be the age of the daughters. We are actually moving into the generation of White Buffalo Calf Woman, which is the Lakota attitude, however I experience like we’re struggling now transferring from the many generations of patrilineal societies and ideas. Violence to Mother Earth is some other representation of violence in opposition to ladies. Why can we do that? I experience it is because we’re out of balance.

If you study the tale of White Buffalo Calf Woman, there are two guys who come to her and one man wanted to own her, at the same time as the opposite desired to give appreciate and price. The man who desired to personal her were given the thunderbolt, the alternative who desired to honor her acquired the presents, the pipe and the human beings thrived. We are missing in sensible discourse. I believe that we as a society are much greater capable of being tolerant and loving to each other, than what might seem on the internet.

How did you pick to portray yourself as Madame President? I love that Madame President had red and black coloring, And had a modern and futuristic version of Yupiak / Inuit tattoos and purple traces of the Plains people. I felt my tattoos gave a bit of a regal fine, but also to me the tattoos represented strength inside the body, the 0.33 eye and the arrow down represented how at times we ought to move down with a view to come returned up once more.

There changed into a variety of notion that went into this and in seeking to pay homage to our ancient-ness but additionally stepping into the future. I ended my declaration with Mitakuye Oyasin “We are all associated” which is the same as E Pluribus Unum, that means “Out of many, one.” I placed that during there and Ava was extremely good approximately it. She desired us to feature anything we could. When I stated ‘Mitakuye Oyasin,’ Ava said ‘Oh, that is great!’

Overall, I desired to give a experience of the presence of all Native cultures. You have already acquired some advantageous reactions on social media It has been terrific to see so many responses from people of all creeds, races and religions respond positively and they are so glad at the notion of having a Native American female as president in the destiny. I want to have wise discourse and I want to have peace. If you’ll paintings toward something, fact and justice seems to be a hassle so I am running on peace.

We want wish.



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