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World’s HOTTEST and Mysterious RIVER, It actually Boils


World’s hottest river is known as Shanay-timpishka. This is its ancient name which is translated as ‘boiled with the heat of the sun’. It is situated deep in the Amazon. This river is about 4 miles long and up to 82 feet wide and 20 feet deep, the river’s temperatures generally range from 120F degrees to 196F degrees, and in some parts it actually boils. Animals who fall in are killed quickly. And while there are hot springs in the Amazon, there is nothing like this river which is known to locals as Shanay-timpishka.

The Boiling River set in an Amazonian rain forest in Peru CREDIT: THE BOILING RIVER PROJECT/FACEBOOK

In 2011 a Peruvian geneticist, Andrés Ruzo, set his sights on creating a comprehensive geothermal map of Peru, including parts of the Amazon, wondering if indeed a boiling river could exist in the region – an idea his peers found ridiculous. It would take a tremendous amount of geothermal heat to boil even a small section of a river, notes Maddie Stone in Gizmodo, and the Amazon basin lies hundreds of miles from any active volcanoes.

Geoscientist Andrés Ruzo crouching by the Boiling River which he uncovered in 2011 CREDIT: DEVLIN GANDY/THE BOILING RIVER PROJECT

He stated “When I saw this, I immediately grabbed for my thermometer”, said Ruzo. “The average temperature in the river was 86 degrees Celsius, not quite boiling but definitely close enough … It’s not a legend.”


Peter Koutsogeorgas/Vimeo/Screen capture

He further explained “As a geothermal scientist, I know that ‘boiling rivers‘ exist – but they’re always near volcanoes. You need a lot of energy to heat up that much water,” writes Ruzo in National Geographic. “Yet here in Peru, more than 400 miles from the nearest active volcano, was the Boiling River of the Amazon.”


Screen capture Peter Koutsogeorgas/Vimeo

“The locals think it’s so hot because of the Yacumama … a giant serpent spirit who gives birth to hot and cold waters,” writes Ruzo, “and is represented by a large serpent head-shaped boulder at the river’s headwaters.”

Screen capture Peter Koutsogeorgas/Vimeo

The river area is also home to the Santuario Huistin and the Mayantuyacu, two native Amazonian healing communities, who have long considered it a sacred site and place of spiritual powers that only the most powerful community healers would visit “to commune with the spirits” and learn about the secret healing powers and rituals of their predecessors.

A shaman (healer) standing by the Boiling River CREDIT: DEVIN GANDY/THE BOILING RIVER PROJECT

Here is the live footage of this boiling mysterious river:

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